Trainings & Taster Sessions

We have trainings every Wednesday at 1-4pm. We welcome beginners at any time through the year so come down and give it a go!

Taster Sessions

Our taster sessions are Friday 16th September, 4-6pm at the Clump and Sunday 18th September, 2-4pm at the Clump also. See the map below for the location.

What will they involve?

We are a welcome to all sports club. There are no trials and everyone is invited to play no matter what level of ‘sportiness’ you have. Nearly everyone starts Ultimate Frisbee at university so it’s open to everyone.

The taster sessions will involve a quick meet & greet, then the coaches will explain and demonstrate the basic throws before groups of 2 or 3 beginners go out with a more experienced player and practice getting the hang of the throws. After this, we’ll jump into small-sided games (teams of 3-5 players) for some fast-paced fun frisbee for the majority of the taster.

Bring plenty of water, and a light & dark shirt for when we divide into teams.

If you enjoy it, later trainings throughout the first term will incorporate learning about more of the fundamental techniques of ultimate frisbee such as marking, cutting, throwing for distance, and offensive and defensive formations.