Rubiks Cube House Crawl

Hey all you lovely Hawks!

So this Thursday we have something very special planned for you all!

I hope you have all heard of the concept of a pub crawl – if you haven’t it means you couldn’t have come to a Mocial this term.. and that makes me very sad…
….Anyway, a house crawl is a twist on this very basic but effective concept! Rather than going from pub to pub, we will be wandering from house to house! Bring drink with you, we will get involved in many drinking games, and have a lot of fun socialising in the process, not having to worry about entry fee!

We are mixing this fantastic concept with another fantastic concept for a double Whammy! A Rubiks Cube party! The concept of this is, everyone starts the night wearing 5 different colours… the aim of the night is to swap clothes with your fellow Mohawks (gender swapping is encouraged) to get one colour.

E.g. I go wearing 5 colours, but I want to wear all red by the end of the night. I therefore find fellow Mohawks wearing red items of clothes and I swap with them trying to get red.

The colours you need to wear are…

  • White
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow

This is going to one of the best socials of the year – having work is no excuse!! :angry: If you are a fresher, this takes priority over everything else. If you are experienced, lets show the freshers how we give up everything to have fun with the best Ultimate team in the country! :w00t:

Ben Rich

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    Felix: ‘Everyone loves a good countdown’.

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