Women’s regionals

All women playing meet outside Lancaster house (the one by the medical centre) at 6.25am on Saturday 🙂 Dont be late!!! Also make sure you have UKU membership, let me know if you are confused!! xx


  • miznova

    Does anyone have an extra sleeping bag I could borrow by any chance?

  • Paula

    I can’t buy a UKU membership online because I can’t enter my american billing address 🙁

    1. Meg

      Message me your login details and I’ll pay for you – you can pay me in cash 🙂

    2. Paula

      Thank you Meg. My e-mail address is pl213@sussex.ac.uk and my full name is Polina Leonova. Thanks again, I’ll pay back tomorrow.

  • Meg

    Soooo. Other stuff to not forget:

    Trackies/sweatpants, warm jumper etc – indoors is sweaty, stretching off/warming up outside is not. Make sure you’re warm enough between games.

    Read the rules… and then chat to the experienced players on the way up about anything you don’t understand. Find the indoor ones here:


    Bring your smiley happy faces – we don’t play grumpy ultimate.

    Bring some fake tan for Jessie (optional).

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