UMIR Start times!

Hi mixed players!

Really looking forward to this weekend, can’t wait to see Mohawks rock this region. I have emailed everyone playing with the tournament schedule, information pack and indoor rules – worth a look!

Here are some directions from campus to the venue If you have any doubts or trouble on the day then call your captain(s) or me.


Remember you need to bring:

Clean, non-marking shoes

Red & Black shirt


If you don’t have a red and a black shirt then let me or your team captain know NOW! We will do our best to help you out with some spares. Don’t arrive on Saturday and expect to borrow kit unless you have specifically asked for it!


The pools & seedings have changed since the information pack & the email I sent yesterday. Games are 18 minutes long, with one minute between games. One 30 second timeout per team, per match, to be taken between points only and not in the last 3 minutes of a match.


Here are your Saturday game times:

Mo1 aka Shimmy’s Superstars (Seed 1st)

Arrive no later than 0815

0845 v Surrey 2

1039 v Herts

1233 v Silverbacks 2

1427 v Blades

1621 v Thrown 1

Mo2 aka The Hamilton-Stanbrook Massive (Seed 8th)

Arrive no later than 0853 

0923 v City

1117 v Panthers 1

1311 v Up The Arts 2

1505 v Kent 2

1640 v DD 1


Mo3 aka The Howarth-Baptiste Bruisers (Seed 15th)

Arrive no later than 0931

1001 v Holloway

1155 v DD 2

1330 v Sublime 1

1524 v Kent 1

1737 v Panthers 2

Mo4 aka Gully’s Giant Gulls of Great Gullington (Seed 16th)

Arrive no later than 0950

1020 v Chichester

1214 v Sublime 2

1349 v Silverbacks 1

1602 v Surrey 1

1756 v Up The Arts 1


Last two things:

1. Support each other from the sidelines & communicate on pitch.

2. Have a great time. Mixed is the best!


Yours with anticipation,

Shimmy xxx


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