Training Today (Falmer Bar Session)

Training today is officially cancelled due to the snow and really hard ground. I went down there this morning and the ground wasn’t rock solid but would potentially cause injury due to you not being able to see where you are putting your feet. Therefore it is advised that you don’t go and use Stanmer Park either.

I propose that we all go to Falmer Bar (I will be there from 2pm) and have an afternoon of watching ultimate (I will bring DVDs), playing pool/darts, playing mafia or anything else you like doing after a Wednesday training.

See you later.


  • rhona

    Sounds good Ash, see you a bit later on!

  • faron


  • Fetu

    Last people to leave left at about 9. Good times!

    Table tennis too a bit of a hit. Well done for loosing the ball down the pool pocket 😛

  • Taxi

    I realy enjoyed it today. We should do this sort of thing more often. How about next wednesday after training? 😉

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