Training this Term

Happy New Year Mohawks!!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying settling back into Sussex, but the most important thing in your timetables is still to be added!! Training this term will be on Wednesdays from  2.30pm (unless you’ve been invited to first team squad training) and it would be good to see you all there again this Wednesday.

So, Russell’s Clump, Wednesday 2.30pm, bring boots and light and dark tops 🙂

See you all then


  • Fetu

    I hear Fridays is also a good time to be on Russell’s Clump.. got some info on that Lucy (or anyone else)?

  • bumtu

    From 2pm (Correct me if I’m wrong) there will be an informal training session, this is a great time to work on your throws and other techniques 🙂 GO GO GO it will be fun!

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