Mohawks Blog Competition

It would appear we have a new shiny website. Oh wait, we’ve had that for a while. But what’s even newer and shinier about it now is that we have the ability to host blogs. Yup, you heard me. BLOGS.

As a committee, we’ve been talking about having more content on the website, and who better to generate it than YOU?

We’re hoping to have several regular blogs running on the site, but we don’t want all of them to be run-of-the-mill ‘here’s how ultimate works’ ones. We want excitement, drama, insights into stuff that is often missed by the mainstream blogs.

So, enter the fray by emailing in your idea for a themed blog, and giving us some kind of keen-o spiel about how much you love the interweb and want to use it to entertain Mohawks, ex-Mohawks and the rest of the ultimate community. We don’t have a set number we’re looking for and are planning to go with quality rather than quantity, so don’t worry that there won’t be space for your genius.

Suggestions from the committee thus far include some boring chat about tactics and self-improvement and the slightly more entertaining ‘EdCam’ (where Ed’s everyday activities and statements are documented).

You folks can do better, right?

Entries to Deadline: January 3rd.


  • benjy

    I’m assuming these have to be vaguely Ultimate related, right? I think a little video/picture blog of all the “Mocials” could be good, but not sure if it’s what you’re looking for.

  • Meg

    I would say, Mohawks related or Ultimate related. Or both… 🙂 Mocials has definite potential.

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