End of Term Round-up

Last weekend Mohawks went to Open Indoor Nationals and came 5th.  This weekend Mohawks are sending two teams to Mixed Indoor Nationals, one team in each division.  Follow their progress on twitter

Its also week 10 next week and that means Christmas! On Tuesday there is the ice skating following by the Christmas dinner, then on Wednesday its the Christmas practice from 1:30pm.  Bring weird (strong) drinks along to help you get through the activities and games.  Thursday we’ve got the going-out fancy dress social.

Some other things you need to know.

  • Monday on week 10 is Brighton Ultimate’s own pub quiz.  Its after monday night training at the Hove Rugby Club.  If you’ve been to any Brighton club practices then you’re welcome to this event
  • Thoughts to Robbie who got badly injured at Open Indoor Nationals. Bounce back with vengeance!
  • Jessie is putting together a Mohawk badminton tournament.  If you’re interested get involved.
  • No reason why Friday practice wont be on on the last day of term.  We also go to the pub afterwards and so if you’re on campus that afternoon, pop along.
  • Sunday practice this coming Sunday.  Last sunday practice until next term
  • There are a couple of fun tournaments over the christmas period that a couple of us are going to.  Iron Fives and Slingfest.  I’ll put results on twitter for those that are interested nearer the time.  They are next weekend and the weekend after that.

Ben Rich

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