Week 3

Hello everybody, how doing

Just a couple of ultimate related thoughts for you as you tackle the third week of Spring term, not too many but one or two!


So far we have three blogs written for your enjoyment. Thanks to Shim, Meg & Taxi for their contributions thus far – I look forward to the next set. Please read them everybody, and comment. They’re good stuff and those guys have spent a while preparing them and putting them up for you to read, so get on it and show some love! Have a discussion about the points they raise and challenge them, and each other.

These are accessed via the homepage.


This week from 13:00-14:30 we are doing Mixed specific training. If you’re a girl then please come along! If you’re a guy then Kneetu will be in touch. If he doesn’t then please come from 14:30. You’re welcome to come earlier for a throw around but won’t be able to join in with the Mixed stuff.

If in doubt: email Kneetu (mixedcaptain@mohawks.co.uk) and he will let you know. I’m not a boss of training so I am fairly clueless.


I have not been told of anything in particular for this week. I would love it if you all came to Falmer bar after training, mind. If there is one this week then Pete/Faron will post it up somewhere, if they’ve recovered from last week’s one yet, that is.


See you soon folks,

Rapist out


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