URGENT: Training Today – 25/01/2012

Hello Hawks,

Sorry for short notice about this but training is officially cancelled today.

Unofficially it is not – in that we will be doing things very similar to normal training, just not on Russell’s clump. This also means that, if you do come along (please do) then you’re playing at your own risk, and not necessarily training with the University of Sussex Ultimate Frisbee team.

Sorry for late notice in this, I got told at 09:16 this morning and have just logged onto email for the day.

To sum up: people will be playing frisbee, just NOT on Russell’s Clump today. Their playing will take much the same form as training so at 1pm there will be some Mixed Ultimate going on (ALL women, Kneetu has invited men) and then from 2:30pm the “usual” stuff will happen.

Laters team,



  • ShimmyJohn

    How come?

  • thor

    Where will the unofficial training be, if not at Russell’s Clump?

  • miznova

    Where is “practice” then if it is not at Russell’s Clump?

  • Fetu

    I can confirm it’ll be on Stanmer Park, which is right next door.

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