Team lists: Mixed Regionals 17th-18th November

Hi everyone,

The last and greatest of the three indoor regional competitions is coming in a couple of week’s time. Again hosted at BACA, so (almost) no travelling involved! Not this coming weekend, but the one after  – 17th/18th November.

Mohawks have four teams entered, meaning lots of people get to play in the most fun division in ultimate.

The team lists are below. I have spoken to almost everyone on the teams, but if I haven’t and it turns out you can’t make it please let me know asap so I can replace you! If you aren’t on a team I’m sorry if you are disappointed. It is incredibly hard picking from the whole club, trying to balance genders, abilities and development of players. Please don’t feel disheartened, and if you want to ask me about my decision then please do.

Now seems a good time to say – if you haven’t yet filled out this form: … please do so NOW. It will make it much easier for captains to contact you regarding team selections in future. And it will mean I can ring you if you don’t turn up for your 9am game!

In no particular order (but ladies first)…

Mohawks 1

Megan Hurst
Emma Edge
Becca Easey
Lucy Wiggins
Anastasia “Starzy” Riordan-Eva
Kim Isaac
John Maule (c)
Ashley Yeo
Richard Roberts
Frank Wheeley
Sam Airey
Hayden Slaughter

Mohawks 2

Sarah McCann
Jessie “Todger” Stanbrook (c)
Mette Moller Nielsen
Selina Lee
Agata “Alligator” Matusielanska
James “Spoon” Wotherspoon
Charlie Gorton
Ed Hamilton (c)
Faron Young
Lawrence HIll
Will “Bumfluff” Foster

Mohawks 3

Sarah “SJB” Jean-Baptiste (c)
Sophie Nicholls
Helen Brunt
Bethany “Donker” Eldon Kerr
Rachel Clark
Natalie Sharma
Sim “Simba” Kennedy
James “Jallen” Allen
Gabriel “Gabe” Greening
Alex “Al Gore” Gorton
Pete “Prossie” Howarth (c)

Mohawks 4

Carolyn Ireland
Lizzie Withall
Becky “Gully” Evans (c)
Isobel “Izzy” Clements
Alicia Coupland
Aleex “Football” Bucounited
Mike “Moike” Claridge
Dan “DK” Knightley
Benjy Rees
Josh “Geezer” George (c)
Steven Matthews


It’s especially important that everyone on these teams fills out the contact details form so that I and your team captain can contact you, so please do so now!



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