Small Update

Hey one and all, how doing?

Just a few things going on that I would like to bring your attention to…


We are going starting to announce things through the homepage much more now and, if I get my way, less of the informative stuff that doesn’t need a discussion necessarily will not go onto the forum as often. What this means is that you need to check the homepage more often and use the tabs there. You will notice that I added this week’s social to the social tab on the homepage – go check it out! [It is just Faron’s forum post, skillfully copied and pasted into that section – I’m pretty good].

AND you will be able to read this email again, and again, and again, by clicking on the “Mohawk Emails” (or “Mohawk News” as I am putting it there, too) tab on the homepage. Lucky you!


Again there is a post about this on the homepage so please go read. Training for the masses begins at 14:30 on Wednesday. Currently the 13:00 slots have been Open/Women divide but at some choice weeks they will be a mixed session meaning that a slightly different subsection of the club will be invited from 1pm. Captains will announce this soon (on the homepage!) so if you hear that it is a Mixed week and Kneetu has not been in touch then come along at 14:30, even if you *normally* come at 13:00 when it is Open & Womens. Hope this makes sense – don’t worry too much. Captains will be in touch I am sure if anything changes from the previous couple of weeks.


These exist. As I said, check the homepage for details of this week’s (Friday night at Lucky Voice from 20:30, just for the record). Come along – it’ll be fun. Its not often you get the chance to share a cocktail with yours truly so don’t waste the chance. Get your work done (or save it until the weekend) and come along, even if just for a little bit. I’ll be wearing normal clothes and will be fairly clean shaven so its an opportunity too good to be missed, so don’t miss it!


With love from Therapist


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