Paying for tournaments… up front!

Hello all,

Before your relevant captain starts chasing you up about paying for tournaments, why not pay now? The time is coming where Lucy, Ash & Kneetu all have to fork out loads of cash so that YOU can play at tournaments. That’s no fun, so don’t make them do it. If you pay the Mohawks account now (check this thread: on the how to pay stuff) then you won’t be chased up privately or publically. So, don’t make me email you a guilt email in the next few weeks, pay up now and get it done with.

The tournaments this term are Women’s Indoor Regionals (and nationals hopefully!), Open Outdoor Regionals and Mixed Outdoor Nationals. So, if you’re a girl you’ll most likely play at least two tournament this term (we’re hoping to get two teams to Mixed Outdoor nationals, meaning we’ll need the women! Kneetu will be in touch, or maybe he has been) so please put £50 in, and if you’ve said you want to play at Open Outdoor Nationals then that’s an extra £25 as we’ll hopefully get enough teams entered. If you’re a bloke then you’ve at least got Open Outdoor Regionals to pay for, and some of you will have Mixed, too. Kneetu will confirm who.

So please make our life easy and drop some money into the account so that you’re in credit! Maybe Callum will publish who has what money in the next day or two so you can be sure. But if in doubt follow the instructions on that link posted earlier and pay up!

Lovely, super, thanks.

Oh! on the open outdoor regionals front – check out this thread: and sign up if you’re interested. Don’t make Ashley have to chase you up to see if you can play! Make his life easy.

Ciao for now folks,



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