Mocial Pub Golf

Hey all you lovely people!

So as we have said previously, this weeks social will be PUB GOLF!! I hope seeing as we have had a break all of you will bring your party suits along (and suitable golf attire) as it will be a big night.

We will start at East Slope at 7:30 for the first hole and as the meeting point. Following this we will make our way through campus first to the Co-op to see fellow Mohawkers such as Rapo, followed by Falmer Bar then town.

There will be 2 courses – 1 for the hardcore guys like me (cough) and one for the people who want to take it easier. We will end in a club which most of us probably won’t remember and it will be a lovely evening for all!

Lots of Love, Princess x


  • Dude

    It’s not that important but what day is this event?

  • Therapist


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