IMPORTANT: Regionals this weekend!

Hey folks,

If you are playing regionals this weekend then good on you! A few things that I require, however, are your phone number and sports fed number (8 digit RegNo on your student ID).

Please fill in this form:

ASAP. I need this information to give to the Student’s Union.

Thanks. If you have not yet paid for regionals then shame on you! Please pay £25 into:

Mr Callum Smith

And email once you’ve completed the paying task, otherwise we will assume you have not paid. Callum will produce a list of people in debt to be shamed on Wednesday at training, so don’t be that person (please). Or have a credible excuse if you are, indeed, going to be that person. We need the money in order to pay for fuel and the vehicle hire so do us all a favour and pay up. If you’ve credit in your account then obviously don’t worry, but make sure you do have credit!

As ever, when you email, please say useful things:

Dear Callum,

Richard here. I have transferred £50 into your account for regionals under the reference “Therapist Regionals”. The £50 is for myself and [OTHER MOHAWK] so please accept that [OTHER MOHAWK] has paid too.

Let me know of any problems and I will be more than happy to do what I can to rectify the issues,

Yours, most gracefully,

Richard Roberts BSc

ALSO, massive congratulations our Women’s team for taking 9th at Indoor Nationals in Stoke this weekend just gone. By the sounds of it, Saturday’s are not worthwhile really, so nice work on winning everything on Sunday and bringing home some silverware as Plate Champions!


Fill in the form, pay up, and good job women!



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