Hey guys,

So this weekend there is no official tournament, however Kent Touch This (Kent University) are hosting an awesome hat tournament called Hammertime!


The tournament takes place in Canterbury – we will take an early train there on the Saturday Morning (if enough of us go it will be super cheap through the use of group savers) – the tournament is free so all you need to pay for is food and train fare!


The way a hat tournament works is that you are put in a team with random other players, however at Hammertime, teams have themes, which also involve some form of costume…


I cannot stress enough how fun this weekend is (we will be home by Sunday lunch time, accommodation will be provided) especially for Freshers who want to improve, but want to have LOADS of fun at the same time (plus the Saturday night party is frickin awesome)


Text me (Prossie) if you are interested – 07817201638

and more info can be found here…


Let me know ASAP so accommodation and train can be sorted – don’t hesitate!!

Prossie x


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