Extra Kit Order (to be delivered at Paga)

Hey one and all,

Some of you may know that I ordered a long sleeve white Mohawks top but unfortunately it was not ordered, and I’m quite sad about this. HOWEVER, there is a light at the end of the tunnel if any of you would like to help me out…

Check this page for the best information: http://www.mohawks.co.uk/forum/post12587.html#p12587

If any of you want ANY shirts (ANY colour) but, importantly, with black print then reply to this email or reply on that forum page. You need to do this by tomorrow please! And it would really make me smile if we were able to get an order off. So, maybe you would like a spare red, or a green shirt, or a long sleeve white, or a yellow/blue/orange/etc with the Mohawks logo and your number. If so then order away! It’s cheaper, too, and totally worth it!

Help a brother (and a President) out,



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