Drinking Disc Golf – This Thursday!

Hey Guys!

So not only do we have to pub quiz this week, we are also hosting an evening of drinking disc golf! Now normally disc golf is something that becomes a favourite hobby in the summer months, and normally it doesn’t involve drink, but we thought we would bring those of you who haven’t played it up to speed earlier this year!

So we will meet in Falmer bar (bring drinks that you can take around the course with you) at 7:30, get into groups, and set out from there!
Group size will vary depending on who comes, but they will all start at different holes to avoid standing around being bored.

As in normal disc golf (and just plain normal golf), there is a par. For every shot you get over par, you have to drink… it’s pretty simple really!

Just to stress a few of us did this last year at the end of term and it was AMAZING – one of the best nights I had all year – definitely go if you can!!

Cya Wednesday for training followed by the Pub Quiz!!


  • Jessie

    What time will this be at?

  • Jessie

    I’m an idiot – don’t answer my first question. I also can’t figure out how to delete it.

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