Awards Dinner- Tomorrow

Hi Guys,

So  I hope you are all as excited as I am for the Awards Dinner tomorrow:

  • Thistle Hotel (On the seafront near Pitcher and Piano), 7pm for a 7.30 meal

This is quite a formal event so nice dresses for the girls and suit/smart clothing for the guys.

This is just a polite notice, if anyone is thinking they can just turn up for the DJ after the meal I would like to inform you that firstly this will be highly frowned upon and secondly you will be charged £10, what everyone else has had to pay for  the DJ and hire of the room. However please do not do this, the other captains and I have put a lot of effort into this and you did have plenty of time to sign up, we don’t want the stress and it really isnt fair on anyone else. Sorry if this is a bit rude but is the fairest way we can do it 🙂

So, looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow in your smart and nice dresses for an evening of the celebrating the success of the Mohawks 🙂 Also if anyone has a good camera/ is good at photography please bring a camera along it would be great to have some nice photos of everyone at this fancy event 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow 🙂

Lucy xxx


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