Spring term from Therapist

Hey all, happy 2012.

Sorry this is a couple of days late, I will say that I have been busy. Yep. Busy. Anyway, welcome back. I hope you’re all nicely setlling back into Uni life and learning lots, just a couple of quick things about this week.

Check the homepage for details on training. As an aside – hopefully the homepage will be used a bit more this coming term so keep checking it for details of trainings/socials/etc – they won’t all be posted on the forum (probably).

As for social on Wednesday – nothing official planned yet but be sure to plan Wednesday evening in Falmer bar, with a view to probably going some place slightly more exciting. We’ll see. Either way, after training come along to Falmer bar and hang out for a while.

That’s all for now. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!



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