**Transport and Final Regionals Info**


Bright and early Saturday morning we will be leaving for St Albans. The transport plan is attached here so look now and organise yourselves as to where you need to be. We will not wait for you and cars/minibuses will be leaving at 6:30 AM!

The weather does not look fantastic so pack warm clothes and things to keep you dry (including plastic bags to keep your bag covered). Remember Mohawks Kit, boots, sleeping stuff, some food for the day and money for other stuff.

Saturday evening we will all be going to a local carvery place near to Charlie’s, which offers various meals and vegetarian options. It’s the only place that will fit 40 people and they are getting more chefs in just for us so I hope you are all okay with that (you don’t really have a choice if you are not!)

We are staying at Charlie’s parents house and there are a few rules, which I think you will all understand considering there are 40 people staying. These are:

  • Whilst they are very happy to host everyone this weekend to help us out, they would like us all to remember that it is still their home and that it is respected as such, rubbish and bins etc. Their room is strictly off limits to Mohawks, there is enough space in the house that you wont need to go there.
  • Shoes off in the porch please.
  • Dizzy, the dog, is very friendly and will want to say hello to each and everyone of you, probably several times. He may well get a bit excited when we all turn up, but thats perfectly normal, he is just excited. Do keep food in bags though please everyone, just incase!
  • Parking, drivers please park on the drive, we will make space so that all vehicles can fit on it. The road is not all ours and children do play on it, so bare that in mind too please.
  • No smoking either in the house, though don’t think this applies to anyone.


That is about everything you need to know! Check the transport plan on the link below, and organise yourselves with your particular driver. Any questions you may have just give me a bell!

Peace Out!


Regionals Transport


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