Throwing Clinic THIS Friday – How to Break a Mark

First up – show up to practice today. Pretty sure there should be some non-snow covered ground somewhere by now.

Secondly – our first proper throwing clinic is happening this Friday at 3pm.

This session we’ll focus on the components of ‘how to break a mark’ – with some individual exercises you can do at home, some paired throwing exercises and a couple of drills (depending on numbers obviously).

Main benefit – you’ll learn some new ways to improve your pivot, your fakes and your throws. All handy things on the frisbee pitch. We’ll also have people around to do lots of one-on-one coaching of throws, which is tricky to do for everyone at Wednesday sessions.

Regardless of your level, there will be stuff for everyone (new drills, new exercises, new thoughts), so come along.






  • jasmine

    This is a brilliant resource that people are giving up their time to provide to the club. PLEASE go and make use of it! As Megan said there will be some one-on-one coaching available too, something which you don’t usually get at trainings etc. So yeah, see you friday 🙂

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