Sport Relief Fun Tournament

If you haven’t already seen on facebook/posters around uni/a post on the forum.. this friday is the SPORTS RELIEF TOURNAMENT! I realize that many people may have class on friday afternoon but it’s a very relaxed fun tournament so even if you only have an hour to spare, come down to Stanmer/Russel’s and enjoy playing some friendly frisbee for a bit. If you have the whole afternoon off, or even if you don’t, try and drag as many people with you as you can! As well as raising money for Sports Relief this is a great way to spread the word about frisbee and let people see it being played and get to play it themselves. Try to bring correct change (£2.50) and it starts at 2pm (not 1pm like it says on the posters) – see you all there! We’ll be going to Falmer bar for a few drinks afterwards so meet us in the back bar if you can’t come play – any donations welcome there too!


  • Fetu

    If anyone has a weird balloon fetish then I’m there early blow them up. Come and help 🙂

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