NATIONALS & this week

Good Evening!

As most people know Nationals is finally here and many of us are heading off to Nottingham this weekend. We have paid a lot of money for travel, team fee, accommodation etc and now need people to start paying! It is going to cost people £40 which for everything we are getting is not that bad at all! (people who have already paid I will talk to you separately)

So, whether you are a squaw or 1st/2nd teams you need to transfer £40 to Ashley Yeo.

Account Details:

Mr A Yeo

Sort Code 30-96-83

Account Number 16932060

Once you have paid make sure you email with your name, how much you have paid and your payment reference. A lot of people often don’t do this which makes it rather hard work for Ash so try and remember to email!

We are getting a big coach to Nottingham which is leaving around 4pm from campus on Friday afternoon but more information about this and accommodation room allocations will follow later in the week.

Varsity is this Wednesday at 2:30pm at falmer sports complex so come and support the team and have a splendid time. The AGM will be later in the afternoon also!

So to sum up this rather busy week, PAY ASH and attend Varsity and the AGM.

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  • Jessie Kay Stanbrook

    Is this price taking in account all the fundraising money?

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