Mohawks Team Photo, Varsity + AGM

Hey ‘hawks!

So next Wednesday is the Team Photo! It would be really cool to see as many of you there as possible! Please bring full kit (shorts, red and black tops) and £10 to buy the photo – it will be so worth it – I have mine from the last 2 years and they bring back some great memories, and besides, you all have your loan now so I am sure you can manage!!

The Wednesday after that is a big one – both Varsity and the AGM are happening that day!

It would be great if you were all there showing your support for the team against Brighton – our game will be on Stanmer Park – more details are on the facebook event:

Shortly afterwards is the AGM! This is the most important meeting of the year, and it will take place in Falmer House – it’s where we discuss how the year went, but more importantly elect who the committee are for next year! Every vote, and voice counts, so even if you don’t want to run for anything, attendance is pretty compulsory!

More information on the committee positions can be found here:

I cannot stress enough how worthwhile and amazing it is to be on committee, so if you are still thinking about it, just go for it!!!

More emails about these will follow, but please remember these dates!

Cheers Mo’s!!

Prossie xxx



  • Sussex Mohawks Ultimate Frisbee

    THE PHOTO IS AT 12:30.

  • Sussex Mohawks Ultimate Frisbee

    THE PHOTO IS AT 12:30.

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