Mohawks Newsletter Week 7/8

Hey ‘hawks!

Firstly, try and grab a copy of the badger this week – your very own Vice-President Mr. Sam Airey has written an article about the unbelievable success of the Mohawks at regionals – between the Women’s teams and the Open teams, we will have a massive 4 teams representing us at Nationals!

Secondly, a massive thank you to Fetu, Meg and James for hosting what was an incredible UV party on Friday! Incredible as always!


Remember training this Wednesday for beginners starts at 2:30 not 3, due to it getting dark and depressing!

Training on Friday is Indoor Invite-Only, everyone else outside – it will be fun (and hopefully not too wet!)


CBA (Al Gore) has kindly said he can host the awesome toga house party this Wednesday in Norwich House – it’s gonna be epic! If you don’t know what a toga party is, follow these links…

Mixed Regionals

The third, and according to Shimmy, the best regionals, is coming this weekend! If you are playing, make sure you have £15 of credit in the Mohawks account – if you don’t, pay Ash or you can’t play!


Well, that’s all folks,

Prossie x


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