Mohawks Newsletter Week 6

Hey Mohawks young, and slightly older!

I am so sorry firstly for the lack of newsletters recently – they are back due to popular demand!
So what is going on I hear you ask? Well, I will tell you!

Siege of Limerick

Firstly, a HUGE congratulations to the Mohawks who went to Ireland this weekend – they came second, and only lost in the final to Ireland U23’s, which isn’t too shabby at all! I am not the only one who is feeling confident about Regionals in 2 weekend’s time now!!

Open Regionals

On the subject of regionals, please make sure if you want to go you sign up on the forum g-doc Ed posted ASAP if you want a spot! Last year we got a record number of teams going, all doing really well, so lets keep up appearances, yes?

The Aftermath of The Rubiks Cube

So after an awesome party on Wednesday (if you weren’t there, sucks to be you – it was incredible, if not a little weird…) people have a lot of lost clothes. It would really helpful if ALL of you could bring those items you wore home to training on Wednesday so people aren’t apart from their *insert colour here* *insert item of clothing here* for too long!!


This is happening on Wednesday after training – it will be even better with all the Rubiks Cube clothes people have with them – please facebook me if you (a) have a mask you can bring along and (b) if you have a video camera. Get thinking of ideas for what dance you can do!!

Cheers Peeps,

Inappropriate Love from Prossie

P.S – The Album of the Week this week is… there are actually 2 because I have been away too long

1. Stepdad – Wildlife Pop – very similar to bands such as Passion Pit, this is a really fun, synth-indie album from these Americans that is really easy to listen to, with some absolute tunes to boot – also, the lead singer has some fantastic facial hair, and that always means they are going to be amazing, right?!

2. The Bronx – IV – Some great Punk-Rock from these New Yorkers who continue to dominate their field – slightly heavy, but I know some of you love rocking out, and this album does not disappoint – there is nothing wrong with this album apart from the fact it ends to be honest!

PPS – a HUGE congratulations to our very own Alicia Coupland who is now University of Sussex’s very own Equality and Diversity officer! WELL DONE ALICIA!!


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