Mohawks Newsletter Week 5/6

Hey Hawks! Hope you are well!

Just a few bits of news and events for what has happened and what is coming up…




So SICKO was awesome, right?! Firstly a massive thanks and well done to all those who helped organise the weekend – it was awesome. I loved everyone’s costumes at the party too – it was a top night! But more importantly, well done in the results! The Mo freshers keep showing how good they are – it’s going to be such a good year! The two Mohawks teams met in the semi’s, with one team going on to win it, and the other coming 3rd! Awesome work both of you, and another well done to both Squaws teams who finished 1st and 2nd too!




Women’s indoor regionals is this weekend! If you want to play and have’t got in touch with Sarah, do so ASAP! You can email her at or get her on facebook! The tournament is being held in Brighton at BACA, which will be the 1st of 3 tournaments being held there – very exciting indeed!


Just a very important note concerning regionals and nationals coming up – in order to play you MUST have basic UKU membership – this gives you access to all university ultimate tournaments…


Sign up here…


Apart from that, training is as normal on a Wednesday 3-5, as is the social, which you can find more about on the forum!




Prossie x


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