Mohawks Newsletter Week 2

Hey Mohawks! Prossie here!

So good news! The snow has melted! This means the Mohawks outdoor season can finally kick start!

Firstly, congratulations to the Mixed indoor first team, who won an Indoor Fun Tournament this weekend!


So training is back on again starting tomorrow – everyone please come to Russells Clump at 1pm and training will start for everyone! It will probably be wet so bring plastic bags for your stuff etc. – you know what to do!

Chlamydia Club Challenge

No, this isn’t an STD spelling challenge, even though that is an extreme challenge… No this is a Chlamydia Club challenge – if the whole club can go to Falmer Bar after training tomorrow (5:30) to take a test that would be fantastic!

‘But I am clean, Prossie! Why do I need to take a test?’

That’s a very good question Prossie! Well the more people in our club who take the test, the more likely it is that we will win the prize! That’s right, a prize! If enough of the club take the test, we win money for our club, which can only benefit every single one of you! So take the test with me guys! Yay!

Pub Golf

The evil snow even cancelled the social last week, but it is on this week! Meet at Falmer Bar at 8 for the first hole! There will be scorecards and everything – no excuses not to come as it is also Sarah McCann and Starzy (Slutship)’s birthdays – so celebrate y’all!!

Cya tomorrow you lovely things,

Prossie the President xxx

P.S – I decided every week in the newsletter I will be recommending an album cos I like music and all that! So this week it’s Purity Ring – Shrines – its awesome electronic minimalist stuff – similar to both Beach House and Crystal Castles – enjoy!


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