Mixed Regionals – HOSTS NEEDED

Hey Mohawks,

I have a massive favour to ask of you guys!

Firstly thanks again to all those who hosted at Open Regionals – you guys are legends and my new favourite Mohawks!

However I am going to ask you guys all again if anyone can host this coming weekend for mixed?

The benefits

– girls are a lot cleaner and less smelly than boys and therefore your house will be 50% less smelly and 50% more clean

– I will love you, and Prossie-Love isn’t empty and meaningless at all

– Brand new friends from different universities who will respect you and all your life decisions

The costs

– None

After studying the extremely scientific analysis above, you will see that hosting is an awesome thing – PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH ME

If you don’t have my number, now you can! 07817201638 – or facebook me, whatever, like.



Prossie x



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