Mixed Outdoor Nationals Team List

Hi everyone,

Mixed Outdoor Nationals is in two weeks so I thought I’d best make a decision about the team we are taking. We only got one team unfortunately, meaning places have been very limited. I’m sorry for this but hopefully there are plenty of opportunities to play mixed through Brighton Ultimate. The process of picking this team has been very difficult given the current crop of extremely talented and athletic individuals. I am sorry for those who didn’t make the team, but there is no shame in that given the depth of talent we have on our roster at the moment.

The team is below. Anyone who signed up using the GDoc but isn’t on the team I have contacted with some feedback via email or Facebook, but let me know if you think I have missed you, or you didn’t receive it.

The Mohawks Mixed Outdoor Team 2013 are:
Megan Hurst
Abi Cohman
Rachel Clark
Kim Isaac
Becca Easey
Sophie Nicholls
Selina Lee
Anastasia Riordan-Eva
John Maule (c)
Lawrence Hill
Joshua George
Richard Roberts
Ed Hamiltoe
Sam Airey
James Wotherspoon
Alex Buckley
Hayden Slaughter

Congratulation to those people – I will be in touch shortly.



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