Friday Practices This Term

Hi Mohawks,

I am sure you are all itching to play some ultimate with all this snow nonsense, so I thought I’d better inform everyone about Friday practice this term.

We do have the sports hall booked from next Friday (1st Feb) onwards, BUT this hall time is being used by the two Mohawks teams going to mixed indoor nationals in a couple of weeks’ time. However you are all encouraged to arrange informal outdoor practices on Fridays, perhaps starting at 2pm on Stanmer Park. If you build it they will come, as they say.

After mixed nationals is done we will review what to do with the indoor session – it may be an invite practice, open to all, or we may look to move the ‘official’ practice outdoors to make the most of the season.

It is important that you don’t use Russell’s Clump as, for the time being, we do not have it booked on a Friday. The first one will be tomorrow (25th Jan) – Simba Kennedy has volunteered to lead the way this week and will be there with kit, boots, a disc, and a smile, come rain or shine (or ice).

Fondest and bestest wishes,
Shimmy John


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