Friday Indoor Sessions

Hi all,

Over the next few Friday sessions, I’ll be coaching some basic principles of playing, and playing against, zone indoors. These sessions will be open to everyone in the club, but we’ll be focusing on developing the knowledge and skills of our newer members in particular.

The first session is this Friday2 til 4pm in Hall 1 in the Sports Centre (right near where we have outdoor training). All you’ll need is a pair of clean indoor trainers, a light and a dark shirt, and your brain!

It’s a great opportunity for any first or second years to learn the fundamentals of zone, and a chance for anyone more experienced to brush up their knowledge and get some practice.

Before Friday, I’m also going to get a short piece up on some of the ideas behind zone, especially indoors. It’s not required reading before the session (I’ve been a seminar tutor, I know how futile that is!), but it might help you to know some basic stuff about what’s going on, why we might use zone and so on.

Hope to see you all there!



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