AGM Wednesday 17/04/13

Hey Mohawks!

Tomorrow is one of the biggest events of the Mohawks calendar – the Annual General Meeting (AGM for short!).

It is so important that every single one of you comes, firstly to vote in the new committee for the next year, but also to voice anything you want to about the club.

Firstly, if you want to run for a position, or if you are even thinking about it, check out this link:

Here you can see a description of all the committee roles – I urge you, even if you are 10% sure that you want to run for something, do it. Being a part of the committee is one of the best things ever.

Please arrive at Lancaster House Study Room at 5pm tomorrow (there will be people to direct you if you don’t know where that is – I hope you all know where Lancaster House is).

After the AGM is the last social of the term – it’s gonna be a big ‘un! Check out all the information on the forum here…

I will see you all tomorrow at Varsity (2:30 at the top Sports Complex, and then at 5 for the AGM – can’t wait to see all your beautiful faces!)

Lots of Love,

Prossident Pete

P.S – Album of the Week – Daughter – If You Leave – Female Vocalist, Quite chilled, beautiful; simply an absolute masterpiece. Listen over and over and it won’t get old. Enjoy!


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