AGM Summary

Hey all,

Thanks for those that attended the AGM last Friday. Sorry we overran by about 25 minutes,  I did my best to keep it within 2 hours but these things inevitably carry on a little bit. Hopefully it was enjoyable for all and thanks for all of your feedback from the year and ideas going forward – we appreciate it all (all the time) so if you’ve over thoughts then let me know. It is important that the committee represents the club so its up to you do ask stuff of us!

Minutes and suchlike can her found here:

Please add comments to this forum topic:

Sorry about the lack of proper hyperlinks, just use your copy and paste functions. AND if your comments/thoughts are more specific then feel free to start a new topic on the Mohawk Discussion part of the forum.

One thing that you as members need to do is to nominate people to enter the Hall of Fame. If you’ve somebody in mind then please send them to me. If you are submitting somebody then please get a seconding (and a thirding I reckon) from people who agree with you that somebody should be included. Then the committee will vote on them and at the awards dinner announce who has been entered, with some sort of cap.

The email should be of this form:

I [your name], and [seconder’s/thirder’s names] would like to nominate [nominee’s name] to be entered into the Mohawks Hall of Fame.

The reasons are: bla bla bla

NB: I think we said that people entering the hall of fame should at least be leaving the club this year. Maybe we said a year AFTER they leave but that might be too long. So for now, don’t nominate anybody who is still going to be a student next year, but anybody leaving – feel free to nominate them! Or anybody who left a while back. I will let BU know soon, too.

That’s all from me for now. Congratulations and good luck new committee!



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