A message from your delighted President

I’m not quite sure where to begin with this email, to be honest. Words cannot quite sum up how happy I was the instant the Open team won nationals this weekend just gone, and then not 10 minutes later for the Women to follow suit. The pandemonium was beyond what I knew possible – huge congratulations to all. Oh, and my father says: “Jolly good”.

As Taxi has said – we are the best university club in the country right now and nobody can deny that. Other universities have had “their time” or something like that but right now the time is ours. What we have to do is make sure that we keep the time being ours for the foreseeable future…

For now though, revel in the glory of this victory for the club. It is everybody’s win, not just those playing or spectating or looking at Twitter – every Mohawk out there is a part of this monumental achievement. So to all of you: enjoy the moment and celebrate.

I remember after our successes of last season Beezer wrote something about the importance of just how great we are and it is the same again this year. We heard from the sideline at one point during the finals “are Mohawks going to win everything again?” Yep. To win both the Open and Women’s division after the hassle of getting to Manchester is nothing short of miraculous and I cannot congratulate everybody enough.

Words are failing me right now, I cannot quite take in what we’ve achieved this year so for now I am going to sit back and smile, safe in the knowledge that we are the best, and long may it continue. I am humbled to be a member of this club and so proud of everybody. Thank you all, so much.

Once a Mohawk. Always a Mohawk.


  • Fetu

    Felix was kind enough to already have put up some video: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=368986156477194

  • Tom (95-98)

    Congratulations to all of the current team! A remarkable double victory! Brilliant.

    Can’t believe UK Ultimate are still calling us the Mowhawks – they used to make the same mistake 17 years ago. I think we also competed at Rimini ’96 as the Mowhawks!

    Time foe another golf party on Flash’s farm?!

  • Locks

    Fantastic news, Braves & Squaws! Another tremendous achievement.
    It makes me nostalgic about the “Golden Years” of 95-99, when we finished 1st (but conceded the title afterwards), 4th (oops), 1st and 2nd in consecutive years. If those were the Golden years, then what is 2011-2012 ? The Platinum years? Diamond years?
    Enjoy your time in the sun. You’ve earned it.

    Yours in Spirit,


    P.S. Tom – At Rimini they called us the “Mohaws”. Something about the letter “k” not being used in Italian?

    1. Therapist

      I’ve not heard the Open team referred to as The Braves before.. Where is that from?

  • Therapist

    Write up on Sussex website:

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