Super Important Update!

You all should have your nice kit by now. Looking sexy, of course. Quick thing though – the import tax was more than previously thought so we’re going to have to charge you an extra £3.00 per item but a maximum of £6 regardless of how much you’ve ordered. Please pay this ASAP as we owe Disc Doctors quite a bit of money right now (in excess of £300, and that don’t look good from us). Very sorry that we’re having to do this, very unavoidable.

Please pay:
Mr Callum Smith
Account No: 27175839
Sort code: 603009

email Spoon and Callum once you’re paid up. and If you fail to email then we will assume that you have not paid, and so will chase you up. Make sure the email has useful information in it, not something crap like:

“Hey guys,
Just paid some monies.
Laterz boyz.

Be useful and instead write:

“Dear Callum and Spoon,
I have just paid £6.00, this is because I ordered three items of clothing.
My reference is: “Therapist kit”
Hope that is OK, let me know of any problems.

If you really want then you can bring the money to training on Wednesday. ONLY CORRECT MONEY WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Thank you in advance.

Young Women (born 1993 or later)
Go to GB U20’s trials. Check this page:  of the forum for details but DEFINITELY GO!

Training this Sunday (indoors)
…is at 7:30-9pm. As a one off. This will be geared towards women’s things (as it has been in 2012) so don’t be surprised if the women boss you about!

Training week 7
Mixed from 1-2:30. Kneetu WILL be in touch, won’t he Kneetu? If in doubt then please hassle him ( Normal training from 2:30pm as ever.

Socials next week
Open regionals team specific – please make an effort to get to them and have some fun and bonding with your regionals team. I know that these have not been announced to the masses yet but they will be soon. You’ll hear from your captain very soon I imagine *hopeful grin*

Pay extra for kit (sorry) and be at trainings/socials soon.

Ciao for now,



  • Ashley

    Hey Everyone,

    Please pay up as soon as possible. Anyone who still has a debt hanging over them at regionals will not be allowed to play regionals.

  • althaus

    I still need to pay £6 for kit as well as regional money, would Callum mind if i paid them both at the same time? (mentioning it in the email/reference that is)

    1. Therapist

      that sounds like a fine idea!

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