Mohawk Today – Ed Hamilton

eduroam – the name of the wireless internet connection across the campus.
ed – the moron who thought they had named said system after him.

Ed is a second year student studying Business and Marketing. We are led to believe that he has yet to complete a three-pint challenge. This is unacceptable and must be corrected at the earliest opportunity we believe that every Mohawk should set an example to future generations and set a benchmark time.

A man after our own heart, Ed is profficient at watching ultimate. A source close to Ed claims that he has both “thrown and caught discs”, but they have so far been unable to provide any substantiating evidence.
We do however possess action shots of Ed expertly watching others. As these examples show this particular Mohawk has an uncanny knack of getting prime position to look at others.

Ed has thus far been overlooked in the Mohawk’s love web. However we have managed to obtain a photograph that had, until now, been subject to a super injunction. Legally we are not allowed to reveal the identity of Ed’s intimate companion and can only reveal him to be one of Ed’s team-mates at the 2011 outdoor national championships. One much-loved Mohawk described the moment as “tender” and it has been suggested that the doting couple were once close to becoming ‘facebook official’.

The relationship is said to have cooled with the pair spending more time apart from one another. The anonymous lover confidentially explained that “he was just too clingy, always stroking my hair and liking our pics on facebook”.  Unperturbed Ed has since been overheard saying to another pining Mohawk ‘I may be going to the toilet but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you forever’.  With lines like that surely it is only a matter of time before he earns himself a place in Mohawk’s love web.

Editors Note: It has been rumoured that Ed is soon to star in an Agony Ed section on the Mohawk’s website. King of the dry one-liner and perhaps not always aware of how funny he can be; we believe Ed would be perfect for this role.  Watch this space.


  • dude

    How can you not mention this epic photo Taxi? Unbelievable..

    1. jasmine


    2. Taxi

      Haha. I didn’t know about it and missed it on my facebook stalk.

      However I cut two or three other photos as well. Take a look through his fb photos and look at how many there are of him just watching frisbee from on the pitch it is quite amusing.

      (I love you really Ed)

  • jasmine

    This is absolutely brilliant!

  • Fetu

    Agony Ed!!!

  • ed

    Thanks Taxi for this feature I like how you have picked up on the pictures… Someone needs to get their camera out when i have the disc in my hand!

    As for Agony Ed this has been briefly mentioned to me and I have no comment at this time and will leave it to officials for contract talks before anything else is said!

  • rhona

    Thoroughly enjoyable.

  • princesspete

    The thing about watching ultimate made my day – so much love for you Taxi and you eduroam!!!

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