Debt List- PAY UP NOW

Hi Everyone,

Unfortunately we still have a lot of people in debt with the club and this is not really acceptable. We are now struggling to pay for important tournaments etc because people feel they can play a tournament and not pay for it. So, please don’t be lazy and pay up now so we do not have to ask again!

Payment details are:

Sort Code 30-96-83
Account Number 16932060

Once paid, please email Ash at
Put your NAME, REFERENCE and the AMOUNT you have paid in the subject line.

In the email you could write something nice like “Hi Ashley, I <INSERT NAME> have paid you £XXX for <WHAT IT IS FOR>. I hope you are having a lovely day. Lots of Love xxxxx

The list is as follows:

Agata- £20

Alex Armitage- £20

Alex Buckley- £25

Alicia Coupland- £20

Amy Pocock- £20

Gully- £39.50

Beth Kerr- £20

Helen Brunt- £20

Isobel- £25

James Hope (onion)- £15

Laslow- £15

Lizzie- £40

Rhys Poulton- £20

Sophie Nicholls- £47

Stu- £30

We don’t expect to ask you again! Thanks,




  • Sophie Nicholls

    Sorry but I don't owe £47. I paid the £42 plus £15 for the recent tournament, therefore do not qualify for the £5 fine and am not in debt. please check the account again as its definately gone from mine into ash's.

    1. Richard Jonathan

      please please please please please email with any issues to anything like this. ANYTHING at all to do with the debt list. Its not fair to expect Ashley to have to find out what people believe to be the case via a post on facebook, contact him directly!

    2. Coral Michele Fowkes

      fiesty one you are

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